James O'Brien Highlights Theresa May's Big Belief Problem

31 August 2017, 11:07 | Updated: 31 August 2017, 11:09

Theresa May has signalled her intent to lead the Conservatives in the next election, but James says she still hasn’t addressed her biggest flaw.

Can you finish the sentence “Theresa May passionately believes in ____”.

James O’Brien couldn’t and he says this is the Prime Minister’s fatal flaw.

“Theres May stands for precisely nothing.,” James argues. “What she says on a Monday she contradicts on a Tuesday, what she says on a Wednesday will be toast by Thursday, what she says at lunch time she'll believe the opposite by teatime. “

He believes that instead of following any specific set of principles or beliefs about what shape the country should take, Theresa May instead blows with the wind of the tabloid press.

“Even the immigration stuff, that she's nailed her colours to, this notion particularly on student numbers student overstayers has been revealed not only to be abject horse manure, but also to be horse manure that she was aware of, horse manure that was put on her desk years ago when she was home secretary.

“It was explained to her that the numbers were just not true, they were completely at odds with reality. But she elected to legislate not for reality but for what Paul Dacre believes to be reality, which is that we're overrun left right and centre by all manner of Johnny foreigners.”

May was rounded on by those in her party after June’s election when a huge poll lead before June turned into much narrower win on voting day.

She now says she wants to lead the Conservatives in the next election. But James says the key questions that many voters will ask themselves have not been answered.

“Theresa May stands for? She says she's a big fan of? I tell you what, say what you like about her she passionately believes in…”