James O'Brien: The Worrying Thing That Led To Trump's Sexist Comments

10 October 2016, 10:59 | Updated: 10 October 2016, 11:55

James O'Brien wondered how Donald Trump has any support left - and then struck on the worrying reason why people are still defending him.

James realised this has come from the anti-political correctness brigade - people who wanted to be able to say racist and sexist things and get away with it.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "What is actually going on? How can a man stand up and boast about grabbing someone's daughter by her genitals and not haemorrhage every last vestige of support that he still retains?

"Boasting about grabbing, uninvited and unwanted, the genitals of somebody's daughter, somebody's mother perhaps, a human being. How would you feel if someone came and grabbed your genitals right now? Whatever your gender is, just marched up to you cool as you like, bold as brass, grabs you by the genitalia.

"It's unbelievable that people would even begin to construct a defence of this. It's how mad things have become.

"Do you know what it's all about? I finally realised this weekend. It's all about political correctness. I never knew what it was. I've been doing this job a long time now. When I first started doing it, it was pretty much the first time I'd heard people say it was "political correctness gone mad". I didn't know what it meant, I had no idea what it meant. Maybe I'd let a sheltered life. I didn't have people who felt frustrated at the fact they were allowed to be racist, or boast about violent sex crimes.

"I didn't know what political correctness was, so I got frustrated with everybody else when you read the stories about them banning Ba Baa Black Sheep (never true) or pulling down flags (never true) or you're not allowed to call a blackboard anymore. It was never true. None of it was ever true.

"So you sit there thinking well what is it, what are these people complaining about? When your usual suspects go, "oh you can't say what you want in this country", what did they mean? And now you know.

"This is what it means. You should be able to call all Mexicans rapists, while getting patted on the back for boasting about practically being a rapist yourself. That's what political correctness means, I don't want to abide by anything that remotely resembles moral standards.

"I want to demand that other people do, while conducting my own personal business in a way that's borderline criminal, certainly qualifies as a sex pest. I want to be able to call all illegal immigrants, all Mexicans, murderers and rapists.

"But I also want to be able to boast about practically being a rapist myself without anybody calling me names. Oh and I want to malign entire ethnicities without ever being called a racist.

"That's what it means right?"