James O'Brien's Most Joyous Hour Of Radio Ever

6 November 2018, 15:30

James O'Brien asked listeners for their thoughts on the Health Secretary's plan to get patients to make changes to their lives to improve how they feel. And the result was wonderful.

Matt Hancock said doctors should prescribe music and trips to libraries as often as drugs to improve patients' well-being.

So James wanted to know his listeners' experience of this - does getting out and trying something new really make you feel better.

And what followed was a wonderfully fulfilling hour of radio.

James loved this hour of radio
James loved this hour of radio. Picture: LBC

From African drumming to wild swimming, listeners told of the activities which "got the black dog off their shoulders for a short while".

Listeners loved the show so much, we've put it all at the top of the page to listen to.