James O'Brien's Powerful Response After Caller's Heartbreaking Call On Foodbanks

3 August 2018, 12:22

James O'Brien had this powerful response after hearing the heartbreaking story of a man forced to use foodbanks after he gave up work to care for his wife.

The UK's biggest network of foodbanks says it's expecting an increase in demand for emergency supplies for children this summer.

Peter called to tell his story: he and his wife were both in work, but when she fell ill, it pushed her into poverty.

His call really touched the LBC listeners.

Afterwards, James said call laid bare the effects of the Tory cuts.

He said: "What did we think was going to happen when we all sat here chuckling along to the newspaper columnists talkin about feckless workshy layabouts and claiming that you shouldn't have children if you can't afford them.

"All of this ludicrous toxic rhetoric that is designed to move towards the increasing concentration of wealth in an ever-smaller pocket of society."