James O’Brien’s Proof Brexiteers Have Completely Changed Their Tune On “No Deal”

20 October 2017, 12:40 | Updated: 20 October 2017, 12:41

Key politicians who once said there was next to no chance of Britain leaving the EU without a deal have completely changed their tune - and James O’Brien has evidence to prove it.

James played exerts of interviews given by Chris Grayling, Owen Paterson and Nigel Lawson to show how the three Tories had now u-turned on statements they’d previously made.

The revelation left James simply dumbfounded as he questioned how Brexiteers could cheer both polar opposite pronouncements by the same trio.

Owen Paterson, Lord Lawson and Chris Grayling.
Owen Paterson, Lord Lawson and Chris Grayling. Picture: PA

In October 2016, Mr Grayling said “of course” there will be a free trade agreement secured in a “relatively short period of time”.

However, last week, the Transport Secretary asked “did anybody honestly think we were going to walk into a room with the European Union, shake hands and do a deal in half hour?”

In January, Mr Paterson described the idea of leaving without a deal as “like saying what’s the economy going to do if we have no electricity” adding “it’s not going to happen”.

But just yesterday the former Secretary of State for the Environment said in an interview that a no deal was now “inevitable”.

And finally, Nigel Lawson in February 2016 said: “We will continue to trade with the EU as the rest of the world does today almost certainly assisted by a bi-lateral free trade agreement.”

However, this month, the former chancellor said a no deal had always been the “most likely outcome”.

Watch James in action above.