James O'Brien's reaction to 'heartbreaking' footage of Trump struggling to breathe

6 October 2020, 14:47 | Updated: 6 October 2020, 14:49

By Fiona Jones

"If you want to see the President die, you're becoming more like him than you need to be": James O'Brien gives his reaction to the footage of Donald Trump "clearly" struggling to breathe.

Donald Trump emerged from hospital yesterday and re-entered the White House, despite medics saying he is still infectious.

People, including doctors, highlighted videos that showed the president appearing to breathe heavily and grimacing as he made his return.

Mr Trump was facing mounting criticism as he returned to his official residence, after he released a "tone deaf" video saying that he believed he was immune to the virus and that people need not fear contracting Covid-19.

James O'Brien said that while he can never support Donald Trump's "depraved, disgusting or just stupid" actions or his "fact-free racism" as a human he of course does not want the President to die.

James said, "As a human it's really sad."

He said if you want the President to die, "you're becoming more like him than you need to be. You have to go high."

James said, for the record, he wants to see the President go to jail but if you are a decent human being, "you can't watch the footage of him struggling to breathe yesterday while pretending he had somehow vanquished the virus shortly after coming out of hospital.

"The day after one of his doctors described his conduct as insane."

James reflected, "He takes his mask off, he's trying to portray a strong image when he is clearly struggling still to breathe is actually heartbreaking. I know he wouldn't spare a thought for you, he wouldn't spare a thought for his own staff, he wouldn't spare a thought for his own family when it comes to infecting them.

"But it doesn't mean you don't spare a thought for him because he's a human being and for whatever reason, he's smashing himself over the head with a metaphorical frying pan every day."

James said despite the President's actions, "we shouldn't be robbed of our humanity."

The President, who was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday, left the facility at 6.30pm local time yesterday. Doctors said he met the standard to be discharged from hospital but is still contagious.

A masked Mr Trump pumped his fist as he walked out of Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre on Monday evening towards a waiting SUV that carried him to the Marine One helicopter for the short flight back to the White House.

Announcing his departure earlier on Monday evening, he told followers "don't be afraid of Covid" and claimed to feel "better than I did 20 years ago."