James O'Brien's terrifying predictions of "nanny state" government

20 February 2020, 14:35 | Updated: 20 February 2020, 14:43

After residents have received no help for their flooded houses, and "low-skilled workers" will have difficulty getting UK Visas, James O'Brien gives some terrifying predictions about the future of the country.

James said the residents suffering in the floods should not be responsible for all the damage, it should be the government, and yet it's left for citizens to cope with.

"You know the phrase nanny state, that's going to come back with a vengeance," said James, "just as Brexit rhetoric was designed to persuade us all to vote against our own interests, the nanny state rhetoric is literally designed to persuade us to be opposed to instruments of government designed to look after us.

"This is a project being driven by people who pop up on the television and radio all the time claiming to represent people, whereas in fact they simply represent the desires of their mysterious paymasters."

James said, "You persuade the public to be opposed to public services. Look at what we did yesterday to our friends and neighbours and colleagues."

The floods are so apocalyptic and literally biblical, James said, "and if my house were to flood today I'd expect someone to help me."

"Who's job is it? And are they doing it well?"