James O'Brien's moving moment with caller who might never see his dad again

3 April 2020, 13:00

By Fiona Jones

This is the moving moment James O'Brien talked to a caller who may never see his terminally ill father again as he is not allowed into the care home during the pandemic.

The caller Geoff told James his father is in a nursing home and was very tragically diagnosed with terminal brain cancer - he was expected to pass away in March so every day is positive.

Geoff had been visiting his dad every weekend and as the pandemic worsened the care home allowed only "essential" visits.

"I managed to sneak in one weekend because he's got some paperwork to sort out," he said, sharing that now he calls his father three times a day - unfortunately he cannot FaceTime due to the care home's inconsistent WiFi.

"I'm coming to terms with the fact I'm not going to see him again," Geoff said; his dad is compos mentis so also aware of this.

James wondered if there was any way Geoff could see his dad one more time and Geoff said he's only able to drop things off at the care home door.

"It's absolutely brutal," James said, "there is one silver lining that you're in daily contact and you know it's coming so you can leave him in no doubt about how much you love him. And at least in the months to come if or when you do lose him, I hope you'll take this opportunity to leave nothing unsaid."

James, who experienced something similar, also reminded Geoff to look after himself for not only his own wellbeing but for others in his life.