James' Worrying Point About Migrant Hysteria

20 October 2016, 11:29 | Updated: 20 October 2016, 15:45

James O'Brien gives some important historical context on the ongoing hysteria about migrants in the US and UK.

Talking on his LBC show he said that anti migration hysteria shows worrying parallels with historical periods of serious violence.

“Where you have verbal violence, very very quickly afterwards you have physical violence and he [Trump] actively encourages it. He dropped hints that he would want his supporters to shoot Hillary Clinton.”

“He has suggested that violence, we had it as well, if the result of the referendum doesn't go the way certain politicians said I wouldn't be surprised to see violence on the streets.”

“And that's what they do, that's how it happens. It's not even a mystery to me anymore.

"How do pogroms happen, daddy? Well you pick an essentially voiceless minority, you blame them for everything that's going on in the world, you encourage angry inadequate people to blame the voiceless minority for their own lives and then you encourage them to set fire to their houses.”

“That's how it happens. So how do holocausts happen? Well you find a voiceless blameless minority and you foist upon them an entire nation's ills and pretend to your followers, because this way you get them to vote for you, that everything would be great in the world if they could just get rid of all of those Jews and all of those gypsies and that's how holocausts happen.”

“You persuade enough people that it's true, they're going to dob in their own neighbours. How do lynch mobs happen, daddy? Well you put a picture on the front page of a newspaper of a man who may be slightly older than he claimed in order to get to this country.”

“But we did that in our country yesterday.

"Pogroms, holocausts, lynch mobs. How does Apartheid happen? Well you get a president who thinks that all Muslims should be treated differently from everybody else in the country, even if they've lived there for generations. Even if their son has died in the service of that country.”

“They they get treated with contempt because they're different. And you can spot they are different because they're brown.”