Jamie Oliver Does His Best James Impression As He Gets Fired Up

16 December 2016, 12:52

This is Jamie Oliver in blistering form as he lets rip at newspapers attacking people on benefits and the failure of Britain to get a grip with its obesity crisis.

Oliver got so fired-up that even James struggled to get a word in edgeways, as the celebrity chef and nutrition campaigner got going on the topic of school dinners.

"You look at what can be in a packed lunch and what does it mean to be a free school lunch kid...how important it is to that child's nutrition, how does the state play a role.

"190 days a year, breakfast and lunch - it's half a kid's nutrition for their childhood.

"So I get it, I get it, I get it."

"The adults in charge of this country and the CEOs in charge of the food business for the last 30, 40 years have allowed children to consistently on the graph get ill health and unhealthy."

Jamie then moved on to one of his pressing concerns at the moment: 'holiday hunger', where parents struggle during Christmas and summer breaks to offer their kids decent food.

"There's this other concept with certain papers that I hate, desperately, where they're like: 'These people on the dole, poncing, taking off of us.'

"Just stop a minute.

"We did school dinners to get kids into school, to get educated. Holiday hunger is so expensive for hardworking British people, we have to care. The concept of looking at them bad, like they're a pain and a drain, you cannot think about getting a job if you're frightened to feed your child.

"We have to change our opinion about grafter/ponce."

You can hear more of James' interview with Jamie on his LBC show today.