Boris Johnson "Looks A Little Rattled" He Is Now "Facing Up To Reality"

31 July 2019, 11:22

James said it looked like Boris Johnson was facing up to the reality of the situation, but suggested he might not care now he is Prime Minister.

James said Johnson has "done it again" after the Prime Minister said it was up to the EU to compromise to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Hitting out at Mr Johnson, James said: "Until the memoirs are published, and with Johnson even when his memoirs are published you won't know what to believe because he's probably prepared an alternative volume and only decided at the last minute which version of his own life he's actually going to go to print with. Just like he did with his Brexit/remain decisions."

James told his LBC listeners he thought they would always "blame any problem on the EU."

James O&squot;Brien said Mr Johnson looked "rattled"
James O'Brien said Mr Johnson looked "rattled". Picture: PA/LBC

As he has said previously, James said he's not even sure if Boris Johnson cares. Now that he is Prime Minister with his "name on the honours board" his "place in history" is established, such as it is.

James said he genuinely thinks that is all Mr Johnson cares about.

Admitting at times we are all in danger of "seeing what we want to see, or hearing what we want to hear," James said he thought the Prime Minister looks "a little rattled."

"There's a sort of shiftiness, an adverting of the eyes," James said.

He said "the further you stay away from power, the easier it is to lob ludicrous, empty and often deceitful slogans into the mix."

"So," James said, "Johnson is now facing up to reality."

To find out what James thinks the reality is that Boris Johnson is facing up to watch the whole video at the top of the page.