Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy "horrified" by Trump's "reckless" Palestine plan

29 January 2020, 11:12

Lisa Nandy told LBC she is "horrified" by President Trump's plan for peace in the Middle East and urged the government to stand up to the US.

Donald Trump unveiled his peace plan for the region yesterday alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which was organised without input from Palestinian authorities.

Ms Nandy has been a regular campaigner for the Palestinian cause and, speaking on a phone-in with James O'Brien, she labelled the plan "reckless".

She said: "I'm horrified by it to be honest.

"I've spent seven years as the vice-chair in the Labour Friends of Palestine in the Middle East, watching the situation get worse for the Palestinian people.

"What this does is close off the prospect of any two-state solution. And that is devastating for Israel as well."

Lisa Nandy labelled Donald Trump's Palestine proposal "reckless"
Lisa Nandy labelled Donald Trump's Palestine proposal "reckless". Picture: PA / LBC

Ms Nandy said she was very concerned by the response of Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, adding: "The reckless was in which this administration has approached this issue.

"This has surely got to be the time when the UK government finally finds its teeth and stands up and says enough is enough.

"I saw a comment from Dominic Raab this morning where he suggested that this was an interesting plan that needed to be taken seriously. That is disgraceful.

"As the UK government, we have a history in the Middle East. We had a role to play in creating these problems in the first place and to not stand up now, when we can see the implications of what the Trump administration is doing is really really disgraceful.

"Britain has got to find its voice again."

James then pushed Ms Nandy on her response to the issues of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party and it was a fascinating listen.

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