Lisa Nandy: Why I've deleted social media

29 January 2020, 14:38

Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy opened up to James O'Brien about why she's deleted social media, and particularly Twitter, from her phone.

The Labour leader candidate said she's taken it off her phone so she's "slightly clueless" about what some people keep asking her about in the Westminster bubble, but she says it's a "lovely place to be."

"If you start thinking that all of that is real that's where you get into real problems," she said.

"That has been a bit of a problem for the left in recent years is that we spend a lot of time in this hot house of social media, particularly Twitter, when most of the country if they are on social media seems to be on Facebook."

Lisa Nandy said the Labour Party "talk amongst themselves and think they're doing well" due to Twitter and this isn't always the case as it doesn't necessarily reflect the public.

"We should be out there amongst the public if we really want to understand what's happening."