Listeners Labelled James O'Brien's Interview With James Cleverly The Best They've Heard

23 July 2019, 11:54

Listeners called this the best interview they'd ever heard after James O'Brien's "car crash" interview with James Cleverly.

The Tory MP appeared on LBC to back Boris Johnson ahead of his announcement as the new Prime Minister.

And he was struggling to find an answer as James said to him: "Boris Johnson voted both for and against the withdrawal agreement. Which way is he leaning at the moment?"

And then when they started to talk about what Boris Johnson's version Brexit would look like, things got even more tense.

James O'Brien had a tense interview with James Cleverly
James O'Brien had a tense interview with James Cleverly. Picture: LBC / PA

Afterwards, the first caller James went to said it was the best interview he'd ever heard.

And people on social media were saying the same thing.

The full interview is a must-listen. Watch it at the top of the page.