James O'Brien rounds up the meaningless Brexit slogans used by Leave campaigners

18 November 2019, 14:57

From "Take back control" to "Get Brexit done", James O'Brien put in order the six Brexit phrases that led the country to the collapse of the UK.

The Conservative Party last week unveiled their battle bus, with the phrase "Get Brexit done" proudly emblazoned across it.

On his LBC show this morning, James attempted to put in order all the phrases used which activists repeated, but didn't actually mean anything.

He said: "I'm looking for a chronology of the meaningless slogans Brexiters used to give people an excuse not to actually look at any detail, evidence or do any thinking."

James O'Brien rounded up the meaningless Brexit slogans
James O'Brien rounded up the meaningless Brexit slogans. Picture: PA / LBC

He rounded them up in order:

Brexit in six acts

"Take back control"
A great slogan until you ask what it means. The minute you ask what it means it falls apart. Control what? "Our money, our borders and our laws". Alright, what money, what borders, what laws? And we all know how that ends.

"No deal is better than a bad deal"
I think both Prime Ministers have proved this not to be true.

"Brexit means Brexit" and "Leave means Leave"
Utterly meaningless again. After this turned out to mean nothing, we moved on to...

"The will of the people"
Really powerful, unless you ask which people. If you ask why people voted for Brexit, two Brexiters don't answer the same thing, even though they both voted for "it".

"WTO terms" or "Let's go WTO"
Isn't it incredible that people who are now in the Cabinet were trying to inflate that particular balloon of nonsense. This was built on the idea that people like Andrea Leadsom and Mark Francois understood the World Trade Organisation better than the people that run it.

"Get Brexit done"
The culmination of utterly meaningless, fatuous slogans designed to let forelock-tugging fools carry on avoiding the difficulty of actually thinking about things, looking at the evidence or working anything out. Get what done? "Brexit". What does that mean?