James O'Brien has a personal message for Matt Hancock

31 July 2020, 11:55 | Updated: 31 July 2020, 12:53

By Adrian Sherling

James O'Brien had this message for Health Secretary Matt Hancock following the tightening of lockdown rules in northern England.

New coronavirus restrictions in parts of northern England have been described as "absolutely necessary" by the Health Secretary.

Different households have been banned from meeting indoors and in private gardens, following a spike in Covid-19 cases. The rules apply to Greater Manchester, and parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire.

Matt Hancock's told us the rise in infections is down to people not observing social distancing when socialising, having previously blocked travel to Spain to avoid importing cases of coronavirus.

But James O'Brien had this message for him.

James O'Brien had a very strong message for Matt Hancock
James O'Brien had a very strong message for Matt Hancock. Picture: PA / LBC

He said: "People can see what's going on. And we can see you, Matt Hancock.

"We don't need defending from some tidal wave of infection coming from Spain. We need defending from Dominic Cummings.

"We need protecting from Boris Johnson and his curious combination of arrogance and incompetence that has killed tens of thousands of our loved ones and seen us record the worst response to coronavirus in the whole of Europe.

"You sit there, Matt Hancock, and you listen to Boris Johnson claiming it's all been a great success, you watch him pat himself on his back, you watch Cummings pulling all of the strings in Downing Street.

"You sit there and you look at the crumbled-up receipt in your hand that you got when you sold them your soul and you know. You know what you've done.

"Imagine how liberating it would be to turn around and admit the truth now."

Watch his full, powerful message to the Health Secretary at the top of the page.