The Moment James O'Brien Finally Understood Where Brexiteers Are Coming From

13 November 2017, 15:43

The LBC presenter's eyes were opened when this caller told him about the situation in Northern Ireland.

James O'Brien has had a revelation.

After speaking to an LBC caller the presenter said he finally empathised with the Brexiteers.

James was discussing the Irish border with Paul, from Dublin. Paul said: "There has to be a hard border, there can't be anything else. The UK is leaving the single market. They're leaving the ECJ, in 17 months there has to be a hard border."

"This perhaps the one area where I get a bit Brexit-y," James replied, conceding he didn't know as much about the subject.

"This is it. When you focus entirely on the fact and the actual established evidence, Paul's right, but I don't want to believe him.

"So this is what it feels like to be a Brexiteer.

"Oh my god, what an amazing moment.

"The man is talking absolutely incontrovertible sense, he's clearly a lot more informed about this issue than I am.

"But I don't wan't to believe him, so I won't, and that's how Brexit happened."

Shelagh Fogarty had just entered the studio ahead of her own show and quipped "I think you've had a moment of encounter, as they say."

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