NHS Worker: Shocking lack of equipment and testing is killing people

30 March 2020, 14:23

By Seán Hickey

This NHS worker uncovered her horrific experience of a patient losing his life because he hadn't been tested for coronavirus.

Jane called in to James O'Brien and reiterated the importance of LBC to front line NHS workers.

"There isn't a sufficient way for us to tell you what's going on on the front line" apart from calling in to share their experiences the NHS worker said.

James was surprised to hear from Jane that NHS workers don't feel supported in hospitals and that they're left in extremely difficult situations.

Jane told of a case where a patient was "not tested, but believed to have Covid" and the fact he could not be tested was just the beginning of the problems on show in his scenario.

The NHS' supply of protective equipment has been stretched
The NHS' supply of protective equipment has been stretched. Picture: PA

Jane explained that the patient had suffered a heart attack while being treated, and explained to James that resuscitation is different for some with and someone without Covid-19.

"The delay in understanding what equipment is needed to resuscitate the patient led to the patient dying." Jane revealed.

She was clearly broken to tell LBC that the patient had died simply because NHS staff couldn't say whether the patient had coronavirus or not.

The NHS worker added that resuscitation staff "are not turning up in the appropriate gear because they don't know if they need it" to which James added that even if they needed the equipment, they probably don't have access because of a lack of facilities for coping with the crisis.

Jane said that the situation is appalling. She told James that if she was told that her mother or father died because of a lack of testing equipment she would be furious.

"It feels unacceptable for me to say that to somebody else".