No Deal Brexit Would Lead To Civil Unrest In Ireland, Warns Ex-Irish PM

10 April 2018, 12:54

The former Irish Taoiseach instrumental in the Good Friday Agreement warned that Britain leaving the EU with no deal would lead to civil unrest in Ireland.

Bernie Ahern told James O'Brien that the public would not accept a return to a hard border in Ireland - something that would be inevitable if Britain leaves without a deal.

He doesn't believe the violence would return, but did say there would be civil unrest.

James O'Brien spoke to Bertie Ahern
James O'Brien spoke to Bertie Ahern. Picture: LBC / PA

He told LBC: "I think we have to get a trade agreement that is something close to what the current EU Customs Union is.

"If that is the case, then it doesn't create any reason why we can't trade between north and south. There might be some changes, but not substantial changes.

"If the United Kingdom was to do no deal with the EU, we would have a major problem.

"It's not sustainable to out back a border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland."