'Complete non-compliance' is cause of high Covid levels in Oldham, caller tells LBC

20 October 2020, 11:28 | Updated: 20 October 2020, 11:33

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

When James O'Brien asked one caller why Oldham was suffering so much with Covid the answer was simple, "complete non-compliance."

Tracy from Oldham called LBC to talk about the potential Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions which could be imposed on the Greater Manchester area.

The area is just an hour away from hitting a last-minute deadline over Tier 3 restrictions after negotiations fell apart on Monday.

But when James asked her why she thought the Oldham area was suffering so much her answer shocked him.

"Complete non-compliance," Tracy told LBC.

"Ahhhhh," James said, adding he had discussed the matter in the LBC Newsroom before going on air and that was not an answer which came up.

Tracy went on to explain that people ignoring the rules was the biggest cause of problems.

"It's Occam's Razor," James said.

Going on to set out the number of cases in the Oldham area, Tracy explained to LBC what she thought was responsible for the growth in infections.

Tracy then caller for a second national lockdown but James explained: "Tier 3 is the closest you're going to get any time soon."

Which led to the caller suggesting that would "kill the economy."

The government's set a deadline for Greater Manchester leaders to reach a deal over coronavirus restrictions.

If issues around Tier 3 measures aren't resolved by midday today, the Prime Minister will decide the next steps.

Talks will also take place in several other English areas this week where the toughest rules could be imposed, including parts of Yorkshire and the North East.