Parts Of London Don't Feel English, Says Farage

2 October 2015, 09:28 | Updated: 15 September 2016, 15:34

Nigel Farage Face

Friday 2nd October 2015

Nigel Farage told LBC that parts of London no longer feel English because of multiculturalism.


The Ukip leader said that mass immigration means that whole sections of towns and cities are changing beyond recogntion.

He referenced John Cleese's comments that he no longer sees London as an English city, with the Ukip leader saying it was true of some areas of the capital.

"In parts of London I do agree with with that…that’s why the intelligent thing is to have an immigration policy where you have proper restrictions on the numbers that come.

"If you have an uncontrolled flow, the hopes of people assimilating and becoming part of one society are virtually impossible."

But Mr Farage said anyone who criticises multiculturalism can face an "avalanche of abuse".

"I remember saying a couple of years ago that I caught a train from Charing Cross and it wasn’t until we got to Grove Park that I heard English spoken around me.

"I was met with an avalanche of abuse from those that support multiculturalism - who tend to live in £3m houses in Notting Hill and think mass immigration’s good because it gives them cheaper nannies!"

Leo - whose own family were immigrants - asked the question, claiming Britain was at danger of losing its identity.

Farage responded: "If we talk about multiculturalism as meaning that we have people to come to Britain from other parts of the world that generally make the place look a little brighter and jollier and give us restaurants much better than we could have managed on our own…then, fine.

"But if multiculturalism means that you see whole sections of your towns and cities change culturally beyond all recognition, places where English is not the first language of choice, you begin to ask yourself what has happened to the identity of our country.

"There is a story overnight about a house that was raided by police where there were 40 Romanians living in one house. Frankly it’s like a return to slavery…through free movement of people, through not doing proper checks…has seen us go backwards in many ways."