James O'Brien's Caller Makes Powerful Point Why Royal Family Are Bad For Britain

28 June 2018, 14:57

James O'Brien has always been against the Royal Family, but has found his dislike for them fading in recent years. This caller told him why he should be more angry about them.

James was discussing the story that Prince Charles totted up a £1million bill on a trip to the Far East that other Royals did a a fraction of the cost.

He said he'd usually get angry at that, but he felt his stance softening, especially since the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

But Sarah told him why he should be angry. She said: "I think you've been seduced by the bread and circuses. Throwing the peasants a little bit of entertainment to make them feel better. Because things are really bleak.

James O'Brien heard some powerful points about the Royal Family
James O'Brien heard some powerful points about the Royal Family. Picture: LBC / PA

"I have changed my mind about the Royal family. I've gone from a republican who saw them as an inconsequential distraction to a republican who sees them as a deeply pernicious instrument in our society.

"Take mental health. One of the chief causes of the mental health crisis is inequality, something which they entrench through their very presence.

"They represent the tyranny of rank, they represent the lack of social mobility which leads to hopelessness.

"Prince William standing up and saying 'This mental health crisis is awful and we need to talk'.

"No, we need to deal with inequality and you are a symbol of that."

James responded: "He is, isn't he? You rightly remind me of the institution rather than the individual."

Sarah concluded: "My mother told me something that's very very young. It's informed how I think as an adult.

"She said 'I was no more important than any other child in the world'. She was responsible for me, but I was no more entitled to comfort or education or play or love than any other child in the world.

"It's really beautiful. Some people told me it's cruel, but actually, it's informed how I think and how I treat people.

"We should all be born equal."