Raging Man Calls James O'Brien, Can't Explain Why

7 November 2017, 12:15

James O'Brien whipped William into such a rage, by suggesting Boris Johnson and Priti Patel resign, he couldn't remember why he had called in.

A "slip of the tongue" by Boris Johnson could lead to a Briton having to spend five years in an Iranian jail. Priti Patel met with Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, without any diplomats present or minutes taken.

James O'Brien wanted to know what it would take for a government minister to resign in future, or whether they would keep their jobs perpetually.

William called James in a fury saying he would "speak slowly" to allow the LBC presenter to keep up.

But when O'Brien asked William why he was calling, he couldn't give an answer.

"Let's start again, William, what question did you ring in to answer?"

"Err, why start again?"

"Because I'm really confused, it's a sign of my intellectual inadequacy."

"I'm going to let your listeners decide..."

"That's absolutely fine, but what question did you ring in to answer?"

"Did you not hear anything I've just said?"

"I've heard everything you've just said and I don't know what question you think you've answered."

"What question do you think I've not answered?"

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