A Victim Explains Why Education About Rape Needs More Than Logic

One victim called James O'Brien to explain why you can't educate girls about rape using logic after a judge's comments caused anger.

Judge Lindsey Kushner QC said that women could be putting themselves in danger when they “drink themselves into the ground.”

Critics say victims will feel they are being blamed and are less likely to report attacks to the police.

Defenders of Judge Kushner say her comments, which came after she jailed a man for six years for raping an 18-year-old woman, are just simply trying to educate women.

“It’s logical what you’re saying, but you don’t feel logical afterwards,” said caller Joanna “what you hear is 'I can’t go to court.'

“This won’t stop rape. It will stop the reporting of rape.”

Joanna was working in a pub as a 17-year-old when she was locked in the building and raped.

“I wasn’t drunk when I was working in a pub at 17… believe me, if it happens to you you will make up reasons why it was your fault.”

She passionately and clearly explained how rape victims are subjected to a double standard, where a level of blame is insinuated that doesn't exist for other crimes.

“If your son is killed out on the street late at night, do we say ‘well it’s a little bit your fault because you let your son at out at night'?”

James said Joanna's account shows why there are still so many problems when it comes to talking about rape.

“This is the problem that you’ve highlighted so bravely and brilliantly; while I would say I’ve been bending over backwards to remove any suggestion of blame from this conversation, you’ve still heard it.

“And that’s the problem in a nutshell, isn’t it.”