James O'Brien's Passionate Response To School Closing On Friday Afternoon

28 February 2019, 11:34

James O'Brien asked how the government could possibly stretch austerity to our children's schools after a primary school announced it would close at lunchtime on Fridays.

Parents of children at Vale View Primary School in Reddish, Stockport have been told the school will close at 12:45pm every Friday due to budget cuts.

This is James' response to the decision - and it will certainly make you think.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "There's been a massive financial crisis caused by bankers lending money to people who would not be able to pay it back. That's the sub-prime mortgage scandal in a nutshell.

Vale View Primary School in Reddish
Vale View Primary School in Reddish. Picture: Google Street View

"They did it because they got a bonus the minute the deal was signed and their responsibility for making sure the person who signed the deal will be able to pay for the next 20 years was zero.

"In British terms, that's the deregulation that was undertaken in the 80s under Margaret Thatcher. That's how it happened.

"What do Brexit people want? More deregulation. You do the sums.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"So you end up in the situation where a massive hole in the country's finances, caused by people profiting out of selling debt to people who wouldn't be able to afford to pay it back.

"It needs to be filled. How is it going to be filled? We're going to fill the hole by cutting public spending or freezing public spending. We're going to call it austerity. People on the right argued that it was all necessary.

"But no-one said one of the areas where we're going to save the money to bail out the bankers is in your kids' schools."

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