Sadiq Khan reveals shocking reasons behind Uber not having their licence renewed

5 December 2019, 11:50

Sadiq Khan revealed that one of the reasons Uber didn't have their licence renewed was that a driver who was suspended for possessing an obscene image of a child was able to continue driving.

Transport for London did not granted Uber a new licence to operate in London because of "several breaches that placed passenger and their safety at risk".

Speaking to James O'Brien on LBC, the Mayor of London said: "Tfl, as the regulator, has to have the safety of the public as a priority.

"Let me tell you the two biggest concerns that TfL have.

"There have been 14,000 times a passenger has got into an Uber car and the person they thought was driving them wasn't that driver.

Sadiq Khan revealed the reasons Uber didn't have its licence renewed
Sadiq Khan revealed the reasons Uber didn't have its licence renewed. Picture: PA / LBC

"Then, number two, there have been examples when drivers had been suspended or dismissed due to serious concerns. I can now tell you one of them was a driver having obscene photographs of a child on their social media device.

"Yet those drivers who had been suspended or dismissed were able to play the system that Uber has and drive people around.

"Public safety is a priority and the independent experts that TfL hired said the systems aren't robust.

"How can TfL not err on the side of caution and say we're not convinced, we're not going to renew your licence. I don't care how big Uber is. When I'm the Mayor, I want a system where everyone plays by the rules."

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