“My Mum Killed My Dad, But I Want Her Murder Conviction Overturned”

25 February 2019, 13:56

David Challen’s mother killed his father with a hammer in 2010, he’ll find out later this week whether her conviction for murder will be overturned.

Lawyers of Sally Challen argue her conviction should be reduced to manslaughter because she was driven to kill Richard, 61, after years of psychological torment.

The 64-year-old has already served nearly eight years of an 18-year sentence.

Her son, David, joined James O’Brien in the LBC studio on Monday.

David Challen joined James O'Brien on Monday
David Challen joined James O'Brien on Monday. Picture: LBC

“This was coercive control, this isn’t treated properly by the courts, it isn’t recognised,” he said.

“It’s not justification for [her] actions, it’s important to understand in society to the events that lead to crime and to learn something from them.

“Right now we have learnt nothing from this crime, which is the most psychologically challenging thing for the last eight years.”

Sally’s two-day landmark appeal begins on Wednesday.