Scottish caller: Boris Johnson would make me vote for independence

23 July 2020, 11:33

By Adrian Sherling

This caller voted against Scottish independence in 2014 and couldn't ever imagine changing her mind. But she told James O'Brien that now, she vote Yes to independence.

Boris Johnson is visiting Scotland today for the first time since the general election in December and says that the coronavirus outbreak has shown the "sheer might" of the UK union.

James was asking the opinion of Scottish callers to the trip - and received a series of people saying that they voted no in 2014, but have changed their mind now.

Maggie called from Aberdeen and told James: "In 2014, if anybody had said to me that there would be a day when I would wish to leave the Union, I would have thought they were absolutely mad.

"I always felt that nationalism smacked of believing you were bigger and better.

"But since Brexit and the pandemic, I think all it's flagged up to me is that I just want to be safe."

James pointed out that would be independence from Boris Johnson rather than from the UK, but Maggie insisted: "I understand that, but it's made me think about things over many years that I was a bit blind to and a bit ignorant about.

"The biggest thing for me is leaving the EU does not make me feel safe and the way the pandemic has been dealt with well by the government."

The conversation was very interesting - watch it in full at the top of the page.