Scottish Caller Explains To James O'Brien Why Independence Is Polar Opposite To Brexit

7 August 2019, 11:51

Many people have criticised the SNP for being against Brexit but for independence of their own. This articulate caller explained to James O'Brien why they are actually polar opposite.

Clive got very passionate as he said independence is about wanting to take a different path to Brexit Britain.

After James had pointed out that the nationalist and Brexit movements are both about splitting up unions we're currently in, Clive called in - and listeners loved his eloquent take on Indyref2.

He said: "The two things are polar opposites.

"Brexit is about England wanting to be insular, inward-looking, get away from Johnny Foreigner.

"Scottish Independence is about Scotland wanting to take a different path. To become a welcoming, inclusive, forward-looking country, open to the world."

Listeners loved James O'Brien's Scottish caller
Listeners loved James O'Brien's Scottish caller. Picture: PA / LBC

James framed his thoughts as a rejection of Brexit Britain, but said he's not part of that and it would mean that Scotland would no longer feel like home to him.

But Clive insisted: "It will be home. Everyone's welcome to come to Scotland. We're a lovely country, full of lovely people."

And that made James say: "Do you know, you're probably right actually. Just hearing you say the words."

Listeners loved his take - and the SNP even tweeted that after hearing Clive's call, one man from Westminster decided to join the party!