The Simple Test For If Your Workplace Behaviour Is Inappropriate

30 October 2017, 12:25

Is your behaviour in the workplace inappropriate? This simple test will give you the answer.

Caller Steve, who has a background in trading, says issues regarding what you can do and say in the workplace came up frequently in his organisation so they adopted an easy to follow guide.

Steve told James that if you ask yourself all these questions you can probably come up with whether what has been said or done is appropriate behaviour or not.

This is the set of questions to ask yourself:

Would you have behaved like this or said it in the presence of a member or your family?

Would you go home at end of the day and talk about what you did?

Would you have done or said this on the interview panel to join the organisation?

Would you say, or do this, if a film crew was present making a documentary about you at work?

Would you like your partner, son, daughter or member of your family to have this said or done to them?