"My mum died of coronavirus last week, take this seriously and stay at home"

30 March 2020, 14:35 | Updated: 30 March 2020, 14:51

This is the heartbreaking call from a woman whose mum has just died of coronavirus - and her dad is in the hospital with symptoms.

James O'Brien was holding an hour's phone-in, asking people to call to say thank you to people who have helped them during the coronavirus crisis.

That's when Kat phoned - and her call really touched a lot of people.

She said: "I lost my mum on Tuesday to Covid-19 and my dad is currently in hospital fighting the same symptoms, so it's been a tough week.

"I'd like to extend my thanks to the NHS staff who are looking after my Dad and all the other people all over the country."

James heard from Cat, whose mum died last week
James heard from Cat, whose mum died last week. Picture: LBC / PA

As she went on to say some personal thank yous, she was tearing up and apologised for it.

But James told her: "Do not say I don't know why I'm getting so emotional because you lost your Mum on Tuesday and your Dad is in hospital with the same symptoms. You're among friends and there's nothing but love in the room. You must take every minute that you need to say what you need."

He continued: "Grief affects everybody in different ways, but the one thing that comforted me most when I lost my Dad was the simple knowledge that he would have been in no doubt whatsoever about how much we loved him. And I suspect your mum would have been the same, even if you weren't there to hold her hand at the end."

Kat concluded: "I'm an influencer online and so I did a YouTube video to update people who had given me their condolences. And towards the end of it, I ended up breaking down in tears, saying please take this seriously.

"People shrug it off until it is someone that they know or someone they can relate to.

"Take it seriously. Stay at home."

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