Student lays into government's "catastrophic failure" as A-level results fall SIX grades

13 August 2020, 12:23 | Updated: 13 August 2020, 12:25

By Adrian Sherling

This furious student labelled the government's actions on A-levels "a catastrophic failure" after seeing his results drop six grades.

Listeners were so impressed by Aaron's call from Croydon, they suggested he would do a better job than Gavin Williamson as Education Secretary.

Aaron was predicted an A* and two As for his A-levels. When the results came today, he ended up with BCC - a drop of six grades.

And he didn't hold back in his criticism over the way the government have handled it.

James O'Brien had a range of reactions to Aaron's impressive call
James O'Brien had a range of reactions to Aaron's impressive call. Picture: LBC

Speaking to James O'Brien, he said: "This is a catastrophic failure from this government.

"There is no logic, there is no understanding, there is no thought-process given.

"And the back-pedalling from the Department of Education yesterday with this stupid triple-lock which they thought was going to save the day. It's done nothing. They only did it as a reactionary measure because of what Scotland and Wales were doing.

"I call - and I think I speak to everyone - for Mr Gavin Williamson to resign, he is an absolute abomination of an Education Secretary. He is a disgrace."

Listeners enjoyed hearing the eloquent way someone so young dealt with the situation, that one wrote in suggesting perhaps he should be the Education Secretary.

Aaron responded with a laugh: "You never know, Gavin Williamson, I am coming!"

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