James O'Brien's take on the government's handling of the coronavirus crisis

10 March 2020, 15:32

James O'Brien insisted that just because the government are responding to the coronavirus differently to the rest of Europe, that doesn't mean its response is wrong.

The whole of Italy is in lockdown, while France and Germany have ordered a number of football matches to be played behind closed doors to stop the spread of coronavirus.

But Boris Johnson insists the UK is still in the containment phase and have not moved into the delay phase of the battle plan.

James pointed out that just because other countries are doing things differently, that doesn't mean we're not correct.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "It might be that our experts are correct and that the French experts are correct.

"And because we are different territories dealing with different variables, both responses to the coronavirus crisis are correct."

James O'Brien spoke about Boris Johnson's response to coronavirus
James O'Brien spoke about Boris Johnson's response to coronavirus. Picture: LBC / PA

Italy has suffered the worst outbreak in Europe, with 9,172 cases and 463 deaths.

France, Germany and Spain have all had over 1,000 cases of coronavirus so far.