The Story Of Why It's Time For Men To Start Confronting Lad Culture

6 September 2017, 16:16

Lad culture is described as somebody who shuns sensitivity in favour of drinking, violence and sexism. In the clip above, former “lad” Chris Hemmings tells James O’Brien why he wants men to start challenging the masculine stereotype.

He has shared his own experiences in a new book, speaking about the damage men do to themselves by trying to be “macho”.

During the candid interview, Chris did not shy away from his past, recalling a number of uncomfortable situtations he found himself in as a young man.

Recounting one particular occasion, Chris told James how he threw a pint over one unsuspecting woman on a night out in a bid to “fit in” with his peers.

After 10 years of reflection, he now wants to stop other men going down the same route in the pursuit of masculinity.

Speaking on LBC, he said: “The biggest shame I have is that some of the activities we were doing, even though I wasn’t getting involved with them I was either laughing along or just not saying no.

“That’s where a lot of the problems stem from with young lads. Lad culture and masculinity doesn’t allow us to call out the foibles of other men and the activities that we do.”

Be A Man - How Macho Culture Damages Us And How To Escape It is out now.