The top 10 James O'Brien clips of 2019

24 December 2019, 14:39 | Updated: 2 January 2020, 14:43

James O'Brien had so many memorable moments in 2019
James O'Brien had so many memorable moments in 2019. Picture: LBC

It's been another brilliant year for James O'Brien as his listening figures rose to record numbers. Here are the 10 most memorable clips from the LBC presenter.

With Brexit leading the headlines for much of the year, James had a number of moments in his show which went viral on social media.

We've listed the 10 most-watched clips from James O'Brien in 2019.

James O'Brien's unmissable exchange with Jacob Rees-Mogg over the Brexit vote

James O'Brien and Jacob Rees-Mogg clashed in spectacular fashion during a very feisty Brexit interview.

The pair locked horns hours before MPs voted on Theresa May's Brexit deal on Tuesday. The Prime Minister suffered a heavy defeat after losing the vote by a majority of 230. Jeremy Corbyn has now tabled a no confidence motion in the government which will be debated on Wednesday. Mr Rees-Mogg has been a vocal critic of the PM's deal and previously told LBC he wouldn't back it unless the infamous backstop was removed.

But when James asked: "Why has it all gone so wrong?" it was clear the pair would conflict. And things only got more awkward when he pressed the MP over Brexit.

Caller's reason to leave the EU: So we can wrap fish & chips in newspaper

This caller to insisted we have to leave the EU to stop being forced to live under their rules. But when James O'Brien asked for one example, all she could say was being able to eat fish and chips out of newspaper again.

James described the 13-minute call with Christine as one of the saddest calls he's ever taken as she simply refused to believe the facts that he was telling her about what would happen if we leave without a deal.

She started by saying we need to leave because Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin has found a way of importing cheaper drinks and has passed the saving on to his customers. But when James pointed out he managed to do that while being a member of the EU, she refused to see that her argument had fallen apart.

Boris Johnson fan loses argument to James O'Brien then labels him a "snowflake loser"

This is the hilarious moment a frustrated caller labelled James O'Brien "a snowflake loser" after losing an argument with him over Boris Johnson.

After a number of broken promises from the Prime Minister, James was asking for promises that Mr Johnson had actually kept.

Carl called in insisting that he had always kept his word on backing the LGBT community during his time as a journalist. And when James pointed out that he wrote an article labelling gay people "tank-topped bum boys", Carl simply refused to back down.

James O'Brien rubbishes Brexiter's claims one by one until he hangs up

When this Brexiter made a series of claims, James O'Brien corrected them one-by-one until the called hung up.

Jim from Heathrow said he wanted Brexit because he didn't want his children to be conscripted into the EU Army.

When James pointed out that the UK could veto that any time they wanted to, Jim insisted that we would lose that veto when the Lisbon Treaty expires. James then explained to him that the Lisbon treaty myth had been debunked a number of times, including by professional fact-checkers Full Fact.

He asked the caller to go away and Google his claims, but Jim responded: "I don't need to Google something for information I already have."

Listeners labelled James O'Brien's interview with James Cleverly the best they've heard

Listeners called this the best interview they'd ever heard after James O'Brien's "car crash" interview with James Cleverly.

The Tory MP appeared on LBC to back Boris Johnson ahead of his announcement as the new Prime Minister. And he was struggling to find an answer as James said to him: "Boris Johnson voted both for and against the withdrawal agreement. Which way is he leaning at the moment?"

And then when they started to talk about what Boris Johnson's version Brexit would look like, things got even more tense.

James O'Brien Hilarious Row With Caller Over Trump's Racist Tweets

This caller told James O'Brien that the four Congresswomen who Donald Trump criticised are trying to create a socialist country. But his point fell apart when he couldn't name them or say what socialism actually is!

Stuart called into LBC when James was discussing the President's controversial tweets, in which he told four lawmakers to "go back home" to their countries, despite all being American citizens. He insisted that the tweets were not racist and that the four - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib - are "hardline socialists".

After a tense opening to the call, Stuart told James: "You can't come back with anything. You're in sympathy with these women," to which James responded: "Name them."

There was a very long pause before Stuart eventually came back with: "AOC for a start" but he could only say it stood for "Alexandria Occasional-Cortex".

James told him: "So you know all about their politics, but you don't know their names. And you're on national radio having your pants pulled down."

James O'Brien played back Dominic Raab's words - and the Minister blocked him!

Dominic Raab is one of the favourites to be the next Conservative Party leader. But James O'Brien went through his recent statements and it wasn't pretty.

It takes in an array of topics from saying he doesn't support the Human Rights Act and claiming people who go to food banks aren't in poverty to his confusion over the Dover-Calais border and admitting he'd not read the Good Friday Agreement.

After playing the clips, James asked: "Is it possible that he could be more wrong about everything?

"Even if he woke up every morning and said 'Today I am determined to be the most wrong person in all of Wrongland' Dominic Raab, just being Dominic Raab would be even more wrong."

Listeners called for this brilliant caller to get his own LBC show

James O'Brien said that Boris Johnson's ethnically diverse cabinet was the silver lining of his government. But he changed his mind following this fantastic call from a listener.

All four great offices of state are now held by descendants of immigrants: Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Sajid Javid as Chancellor, Priti Patel as Home Secretary and Dominic Raab as Foreign Secretary.

James thought this was a good thing, but was changed his opinion following Adrian's brilliant call.

Caller from Portugal says he wants Brexit to stop freedom of movement

This is the remarkable moment a British caller who lives in Portugal told James O'Brien that he voted for Brexit because there is too much freedom of movement.

Mike called from Alcoutim in Portugal to insist that he voted to Leave and still backs his decision.

The presenter then summed up his call: "Mike in Portugal voted to leave the European Union because there is too much freedom of movement. Is that how we're going to remember this call. You know how that looks right?"

James O'Brien fact-checks claims from Nigel Farage fan who calls him

James O'Brien was forced to correct this Nigel Farage fan when he made a series of claims about the UK's relationship with the EU.

Mark called from Horsham to say that he will still vote for the Brexit Party, even though Mr Farage has announced he won't be standing for election.

At first, Mark claimed that the Brexit Party leader is not standing because he would have more influence in the EU than with 10 MPs in the UK parliament. But James pointed out the rules allow him to do both - and once Brexit is done under Boris Johnson's deal, he wouldn't be an MEP anyway.

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