There's Only One Question To Ask When Someone Is Raped - James O'Brien

31 October 2017, 14:32 | Updated: 31 October 2017, 15:48

It’s not "why was her skirt so short?" It’s “Why did you rape her you scumbag?” says James.

James had been discussing sexual assault on his show and had a powerful message.

He said: “Blaming a victim for a one out of three roll of the dice I.E. Do you slap? Do you run? Do you freeze? Is 33-1, there's a one third chance of each one happening.  

“We're all immersed in the same culture and that culture is the one that says if something bad happens to a woman then it must have had something to do with what she did.”

James highlighted a long list of questions - what she wore, how she behaved, why didn't she slap him? Why was her skirt so short?  Why was she out at night? Why was she doing this? Why was she doing that? 

But there was only one question he said he wanted to ask and it was very straightforward - “Why did you rape her you scumbag?”

He added:  “Why did you attack her you absolute piece of ... excrement.”