"Trump Reversed Ban On Mental Health Patients Buying Guns, Why Is No One Talking About It?"

3 October 2017, 13:18 | Updated: 3 October 2017, 13:24

One of the president's first executive orders lifted the ban put in place by Obama.

Authorities in Las Vegas say they still don't know what the motive was for America's worst ever mass shooting.

59 people were killed and hundreds more injured - police have recovered dozens of guns belonging to the killer.

James O'Brien asked why commentators were yet to question one of President Trump's first executive orders: lifting the ban on selling firearms to mental health patients put in place by the Obama administration.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign received $30m in contributions from the NRA, America's largest gun pressure group.

James said: "He hasn't done anything meaningful, but lot's of little things that don't get the coverage. He's looked at that, making it easier for people with a history of mental health problems to buy guns.

"$30m was the campaign contribution from the NRA to Donald Trump's presidential campaign. And one of his first executive orders back in January was to reverse that ban that Barack Obama had brought through.

"Just think about that for a minute. Barack Obama introduced a law banning the sales of guns to people who were mentally ill.

"Two thoughts. Number one how the hell did he need to introduce a law to do that? Why wasn't it there already?

"Number two, when Donald Trump, shortly after achieving office, made reversing that ban one of his first executive orders, how could people who'd fallen for his schtick not at that point have gone 'Maybe he's not the messiah, maybe he is a tiny-handed, orange imbecile?'"

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