'Your wife loves you, not the job you had' - James comforts emotional caller who lost job

29 September 2020, 18:04

By Sam Sholli

James O'Brien had reassuring words for an emotional caller who told LBC that the loss of his catering job had been tough for him and his wife.

The call took place as the Prime Minister used a speech to lay out plans to give "practical skills" to anyone who needs them at any stage in life if they have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis.

Kieran, 51, from Hampshire told James that he had lost his job in catering and that he thought it would be a big challenge for him to get back into the industry and "any real managerial role".

Despite admitting to facing a "difficult time" due to the job loss, Kieran told James that he felt "lucky" and "kind of saw it coming".

He then said that he had managed to secure work packing photos and stickers people order online, which he thought would "probably see [him] through past Christmas".

Speaking of his new job, Kieran said: "It's great fun, but it's a little soul-destroying in terms of my mind."

He added: "I'm working a late shift from 2pm to 10pm, so I don't see the wife very much at all and it's difficult for her and I watch her looking at me."

However, after a brief moment of silence, James responded in an attempt to comfort Kieran.

James said: "She loves you mate. She doesn't love the job you had. That's a really important thing to remember. She loves Kieran. She doesn't love the catering manager, she loves Kieran."

"She worries about me so much," Kieran replied as he began to cry.

James responded: "Of course she worries about you and that's because she loves you so much. But she doesn't worry about your status, Kieran. She worries about you because of who you are, because of the man you are, the person and the husband you are."

In his speech today, Boris Johnson suggested that some jobs in traditional shops, pubs or restaurants may be gone for good.

He also said the UK is suffering from a shortage of skilled builders, mechanics, engineers and IT experts.