What is the coronavirus test like? Caller explains to James O'Brien

26 February 2020, 18:08

This caller who has been tested for coronavirus tells James O'Brien what people can expect if they visit an assessment pod.

Alex said: "What we had to do was like a little drive-through. So you pull up, go through some cones, had to wait there for a little while."

He said someone approached him and he had to submit a throat swab and a nose swab and he will find out the results within 72 hours.

In the meantime, he said, he's going to drink copious amounts of tea.

An office in Fitzrovia has become the second in London to send its staff home over concerns about coronavirus.

Around 160 British tourists are stuck at a hotel in Tenerife, where health officials have ordered they spend 14 days in quarantine because of coronavirus.

Meanwhile Ireland's Six Nations rugby match with Italy next month has been postponed to prevent more spreading.