Would Anna Soubry Prefer 'Leave & May' Or 'Remain & Corbyn'?

5 December 2018, 11:59

Leading Remainer Anna Soubry admitted she would rather leave the European Union than have Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

Ms Soubry was one of the Conservative rebels who voted against the government yesterday to inflict three significant defeats on the Prime Minister.

Speaking to James O'Brien, she insisted the government would lose Tuesday's meaningful vote and it will be "a disaster".

But she would back Mrs May in a vote of no confidence, because the alternative of Prime Minister Corbyn would be so awful.

James O'Brien had a fascinating conversation with Anna Soubry
James O'Brien had a fascinating conversation with Anna Soubry. Picture: LBC

James asked her: "Let me play a silly game: Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister and United Kingdom remains in the European Union... or Theresa May is Prime Minister and the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. Just pick one."

Ms Soubry said: "I believe that the prospect of a Labour government is absolutely horrific. Corbyn is a much greater threat to our country. No doubt at all."

James confirmed with her that leave with May is better than Remain with Corbyn" and she agreed: "Absolutely."

James queried whether than meant she was putting her party before the country, but she insisted: "Certainly not. Always my country first."

Her straightforward answer impressed James: "A politician with a very honest answer, thank you."