Yorkshireman in Nantong reveals 'different mindset' in Chinese people's approach to Covid

23 December 2020, 20:42

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a Yorkshireman in China told James O'Brien that Chinese people have been more responsible when it comes to following Covid rules than their English counterparts.

Luke in Nantong spoke to James after the pair had a conversation 11 months ago.

During the call 11 months ago, Luke was so lively and optimistic, listeners ended up labelling him "the best man ever".

Speaking to James this time around, Luke told James: "Normal life is resumed in Nantong but you're warned to not go to other areas of China.

"What I've realised over the last two days is that we have a different mindset.

"Our English mindset is here's a rule so let's go as far as we can with the rule, whereas in China it's here's the rule and why don't you do what's best for everyone.

"But they don't need to be told to do what's best for everyone..."