YouTuber James Charles Who Brought Birmingham To A Standstill Phones James O’Brien

28 January 2019, 13:39 | Updated: 26 March 2019, 11:48

This is the moment a YouTuber who brought Birmingham city centre to a standstill when 8,000 fans flocked to see him phoned James O’Brien.

Thousands of supporters packed into the Bullring on Saturday to catch a glimpse of James Charles as he hosted a meet-and-greet in a cosmetics store.

Extra police officers were brought in and escalators stopped due to the volume of people waiting to see the 19-year-old.

Some motorists even abandoned their cars overnight as the city ground to a halt for hours.

James Charles phoned James O'Brien after overhearing LBC in an Uber
James Charles phoned James O'Brien after overhearing LBC in an Uber. Picture: LBC/PA

And after overhearing James O'Brien admit he wasn't familiar with the YouTuber, James phoned LBC.

"I'm on n the way to the airport and overheard my name on the radio and told the Uber driver to turn it up," he said.

"It’s been amazing. My fan base, who I call sisters, are so loyal.

“We set up a meet and great in Toronto, Canada a few weekends ago and over 10,000 people we were there.

“We’ve been getting crazy numbers recently and Birmingham definitely was one of my favourite meet and greets.”

The teenager has over 13.7m subscribers on YouTube.

He has featured celebrities including Kylie Jenner in his videos and won the award for best channel in the Beauty category at the 8th Streamy Awards.