Anna Soubry Urges MPs To Put Their Constituents' Jobs Above Their Own

23 July 2019, 12:36 | Updated: 23 July 2019, 12:53

As Boris Johnson was announced as the UK's next Prime Minister, Anna Soubry passionately urged colleagues to put the jobs of their constituents above their own.

Speaking to James O'Brien, the former Tory MP and current leader of Change UK said she has "little doubt" that if Mr Johnson tries to force no-deal Brexit, that MPs will move towards a vote of confidence.

She added that politicians are "walking away from politics" and more and more good people in both main parties - because they go to the extremes - walking away from politics instead of doing the right thing which is to stand up for your country and your constituents and put their jobs above your own."

Boris Johnson was elected the next British Prime Minister
Boris Johnson was elected the next British Prime Minister. Picture: Getty

Ms Soubry said: "The government's own impact assessment has said 8% reduction in our country's prosperity, and when you have otherwise respected senior members of Her Majesty's government dismissing the Chief Executive of Jaguar Land Rover and nobody challenged it."

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