Article 50 Author Warns A No Deal Brexit Would Spell “Disaster”

10 November 2017, 12:51 | Updated: 10 November 2017, 13:24

Britain leaving the European Union without a deal would be a disaster - and it's looking like a real possibility, the author of Article 50 has told LBC.

Lord Kerr joined James O’Brien on Friday as he argued it was not “too late” for the Britons to change their mind on Brexit.

His comments came as Theresa May announced the EU Withdrawal Bill would be amended to formally commit to Brexit at 11pm on Friday 29 March 2019.

It means the UK will leave the bloc in just over 500 days time, whether there is a deal in place or not.

And the cross-bench peer warned a Brexit no deal was now becoming a "real possibility".

Speaking of a scenario where no agreement was in place, Lord Kerr told James: “That would be a disaster, it would be legal chaos, huge difficulties for companies - would contracts be valid or not?

“I think that it is not to be contemplated and you’re right, it could happen.

“All parties should be trying very hard to avoid it, it would be a disaster particularly for us, but it would be very bad for everyone.

“I hope the negotiations will pick up speed and I hope an agreed outcome will be found, but at present it’s not looking very good.”