Boris Johnson Fan Loses Argument To James O'Brien Then Labels Him A "Snowflake Loser"

23 October 2019, 11:43

This is the hilarious moment a frustrated caller labelled James O'Brien "a snowflake loser" after losing an argument with him over Boris Johnson.

After a number of broken promises from the Prime Minister, James was asking for promises that Mr Johnson had actually kept.

Carl called in insisting that he had always kept his word on backing the LGBT community during his time as a journalist.

And when James pointed out that he wrote an article labelling gay people "tank-topped bum boys", Carl simply refused to back down.

James O'Brien found this caller's insult hilarious
James O'Brien found this caller's insult hilarious. Picture: PA / LBC

As Carl tried to defend it by saying he had voted all along for gay rights, James told him: "Carl, Carl. Leave it, mate. You began the conversation by referring to his career as a journalist and his lifelong support for gay rights.

"Just call it quits, Carl."

After a brief exchange, Carl whined, "James, you're a snowflake loser," before hanging up.

It was a comical end to a remarkable exchange. Watch it at the top of the page.