James O'Brien contrasts Boris Johnson's article with Marcus Rashford's letter

15 June 2020, 11:02

By Adrian Sherling

The Prime Minister wrote about protecting statues of dead racists, while Marcus Rashford wrote about protecting the most vulnerable children in the UK, points out James O'Brien.

The Manchester United striker wrote an open letter to all MPs call on them to #MakeTheUturn and extend the free school meals programme for the country's poorest children beyond the end of term.

He wrote: "Political affiliations aside, can we not all agree that no child should be going hungry?"

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson wrote an article wrote an article insisting he will resist all attempts to remove the statue of Winston Churchill from Parliament Square as well as other monuments.

Speaking on LBC, James highlighted the difference in action between the Prime Minister and a 22-year-old footballer.

He said: "On Monday 15th June 2020, the British Prime Minister elected to write an article behind a paywall in a newspaper owned by billionaires about the importance of saving statues of dead white supremacists.

"Meanwhile, Marcus Rashford, a young footballer, who has already raised and donated millions of pounds to poor children's families and charities, elected to call upon the government to extend free school meals through the summer holidays for 1.3 million British children of every creed and colour.

James O'Brien compared Marcus Rashford and Boris Johnson's comments
James O'Brien compared Marcus Rashford and Boris Johnson's comments. Picture: LBC / PA

"That to me is huge. A pivotal moment in British history.

"Prime Minister: sticking up for statues of dead racists.

"Footballer: speaking up for 1.3 million hungry British school children."

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