Brexiteer Tells James O'Brien No-Deal Brexit Will Be Good... Even If It's A Disaster

4 January 2019, 12:11

This caller told James O'Brien that a no-deal Brexit will be a good thing for Britain, even if it leads to economic disaster.

James was asking callers why they think the UK has nothing to fear from leaving the European Union without any agreement.

Mickey called and was convinced that change is always a good thing. And he insisted that is true, even if the economy crashes as a result.

James O&squot;Brien&squot;s face when a caller accused him of "bamboozling" him
James O'Brien's face when a caller accused him of "bamboozling" him. Picture: LBC

And when James put his words back to him, Mickey accused James of trying to bamboozle him.

Mickey said: "I think that leaving gives us the opportunity of change and that is a positive. Regardless of whether it's going to be an economic disaster, change is positive."

After checking whether he was being serious, James checked: "So economic disaster is a positive?"

This is a call you have to listen to in full. Watch it at the top of the page.