Brexiteer Tells James O'Brien To Stop Giving Her Facts During Argument

21 March 2018, 11:19

This Brexiteer stopped in the middle of an argument with James O'Brien to ask him to stop quoting facts at her.

Jean in Lowestoft is extremely passionate about the British fishing industry, having worked in it for most of her life.

As James O'Brien asked why fishing has become such a big issue for Brexit, Jean called up to explain why the Common Fisheries Policy is such a disaster for Britain.

But when James started quoting some figures that questioned some of her comments, she didn't like it.

James O'Brien was left baffled by Jean
James O'Brien was left baffled by Jean. Picture: LBC

Jean said: "You're now looking at figures and getting heavy with me."

To which James responded: "I am. I'm looking at facts and you're giving me feelings.

"This is Brexit. This is the debate. You and I are never going to agree with each other.

"I sympathise with your position. You don't like the fact I'm giving you facts and figures."

Jean hit back: "Have faith in your country, Mr O'Brien. It will happen!"

Earlier, Jean said that if we left the EU, we could just sell to other places, pointing out that she had just shipped some whelks to South Korea. But listeners pointed out trade with South Korea is only possible because of the Korean trade deal with the EU.