Brexiteers Think They Know More About Ireland Than Irish PM, Says James O'Brien

4 August 2017, 12:26

The new Irish Prime Minister warned that Brexit could affect every single aspect of life in Northern Ireland - and yet James O'Brien still had Brexiteers claiming they know more about Irish politics than they do.

Leo Varadkar is speaking in Belfast on his first visit since taking over as Taoiseach.

James says there is no way of arguing that was he says isn't true, but people still tried.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "The Irish Taoiseach stood up today and said 'Look this is all true'. And it just is. I don't think there is even room for debate, is there?

"But then unfortunately, the notion of debate has become so skewed in this country that I now get people calling in saying it's not true, he's completely wrong about Irish politics, despite being the leader of Ireland.

"'I know more than him because I read the Daily Express or I was online today and I understand trade treaties better than they do'.

"One has very sad echoes of the terrible passing of little Charlie Gard when people genuinely started manning the barricades to claim that doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital were not the best people to look after sick babies.

"Strange times that we live in."