James O'Brien's Caller Brought To Tears By The Previous Caller's Account Of Racism

20 September 2019, 13:38 | Updated: 20 September 2019, 13:54

This caller to James O'Brien's show phoned-in to say that Justin Trudeau's blackface was just a bit of banter - but found himself brought to tears by the previous caller's account of racism in Canada.

The Canadian Prime Minister has apologised for a second time after images emerged of him wearing face-darkening make-up on at least three separate occasions.

Brendan in Gloucester called in and had planned to say times had changed and it's no worse than we saw in Little Britain.

But as James went to him, he was in floods of tears, admitting: "Bindi has just dismantled what I was going to say.

"She's absolutely right."

James was so touched by his call, saying: "That's what we're hear for. To listen and to change our minds.

"Brendan, be kind to yourself. That's the sound of a conscience in overdrive. You're a good man and that's the evidence of it."

James O'Brien's callers got very emotional discussing Justin Trudeau
James O'Brien's callers got very emotional discussing Justin Trudeau. Picture: PA / LBC

Bindi had earlier given a searing account of the racism she faced growing up as an Indian girl in Canada.

She said she felt Justin Trudeau's blackface very personally

It was a call that really touched LBC listeners - and the caller that followed. Watch it at the top of the page.